Tribal Council

Principal Chief
chiefMr. Chief Nolan Gobert is the Principal Chief of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe, located in Southwest Louisiana. His American Indian Name is Istaqa which means Coyote Man. He is a long-time member of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribal Council. Chief Gobert was born in Eunice, Louisiana to Paul Gobert Sr. and Felice Rougeau Gobert. Chief Gobert is the spokesperson of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe on cultural, spiritual, and historical matters. He represents the tribe at cultural events, facilitates understanding of the tribe’s culture, heritage, and ensures that the tribal council considers the cultural and spiritual needs in its decision-making.
Deputy Chief
brosssardMrs. Minerva Broussard Francis, is the Deputy Chief of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Her American Indian name is Hurit-Sihu which means Beautiful Flower. Ms. Francis was born to Clayton Broussard Sr, and Mary Beanna Amos, Granddaughter of Henri Aymers and Victoria Singleton. She is also a dancer for the tribe and can feel her family spirit when dancing. She has 3 girls, 2 boys, and 13 grandchildren.
theresaMrs. Theresa Semien Gobert is the Treasurer of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Mrs. Semien Gobert American Indian name is Ohanzee Wachiwi, which means Shadow Dancer. She was born in Lebeau Louisiana to the Mr. Frank Samien and Mrs. Mathilda Irving Semien. Mrs. Theresa Semien Gobert is also the wife of Chief Nolan Gobert of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Mrs. Semien Gobert is the author of her very own Native American cookbook, “Welcome to my Kitchen”. Today she continues to teach and educate on the Attakapas native culture and is also responsible for ensuring the accurate recording of all tribal council meetings, decisions certify minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and other actions of the tribal council, and reports on the financial integrity of the tribe, including a review of all audits.
Director & Secretary
amyMrs. Amy Gobert Cormier is the Director of Public Relations of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Her American Indian name is Kimi Kuwanyauma which means Beautiful Butterfly Showing Beautiful Wings. She is the Great Granddaughter of Pierre Achille Gaubert/Gobert and Ersula Saint Anne Jordoin, Francois Semien, and Marie Simeonize Joe Granddaughter of Paul Gobert Sr. and Felice Rougeau Gobert, Frank Semien Sr, and Mathilad Irving Semien, Daughter of Nolan and Theresa Semien Gobert. Wife of Ronnie J. Cormier, Mother of Phylicia Nicole Cormier. Amy was born in Lafayette, Louisiana to Nolan Gobert and Theresa Semien Gobert. Amy is the Director of Public Relations and Secretary of the tribe and is the Author of our book: Attakapas: The New Beginning. Mrs. Gobert Cormier holds several degrees including a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Psychology from Kaplan University and Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Walden University and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology concentration in Victimology. She is married to Ronnie Joseph Cormier an Attakapas native of 25 years, a loving wife and mother of Phylicia Nicole Cormier and Granddaughter Ray'lynn. She is also a tribal dancer and continues to support the tribe as we work towards tribal recognition.
Council Member
coralMrs. Carolyn Gray Whitford is a council member of the Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Ms. Whitford was born in Opelousas, Louisiana to Lawrence C. Gray and Irene August Artis. She is an enrolled member of the Attakapas Opelousas Black Leg Crane band. Her American Indian name in Attakapa is "I cul kawiya tsanu'k” (Catches the Last Horse). My Native American bloodline can be traced to Quebec to Roch Manitouabanouk, Huron and wife Outchibahanoukoueouk Oueou Koeou, Algonquian who gave birth to Manitouabeoich, Christian name Marie Olivier Sylvestre, who married Martin Provost. My husband is Harvey Running Crane Whitford, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation from Montana. His Indian name is “ETucks-Sis-Toi-Yee” (Many Night Boy). We have traveled the four directions, even with a dance troupe to Europe, living our culture wherever we go. We keep our cultural traditions strong in honor of our ancestors and family so that our tribes will never be extinct and our people will carry on the spirit of the Indian way. I am honored and proud to represent the Louisiana Attakapas Opelousas Prairie Tribe as a council member. I will greatly support our tribe and work diligently for tribal recognition.
Council Member